French Art Studio

First animation based on a
CG robot model he has designed.
The animation is a 2 steps walk cycle,
using a simplify version of the legs
to work out the overall action and timing.

"I've been a student of Brice's animation class since late last year.
With so much to say, where to begin?
Brice is just so incredibly personable, and his class is as if you had a spiritual guide,
a veteran in the industry, who encourages the strength in your potential,
doing whatever he can to exhilarate your style and nurture the passion.
With a lifetime of experience, Brice is an incredible source of information,
who really appreciates the arts, and continues to find joy in something new!
His philosophy and industry experience have given me
great confidence with the fundamentals.
Never once imposing, he would review my work with curiosity
- digging deep to understand what works, what has it standing out from the rest,
what has the content and style uniquely personal, and what considerations
and focus could be regarded to push it to the next level.
Offering great examples from legendary artists and working artists today,
Brice keeps the lessons relevant and actionable.
Inspiring and fun spirited, he's also a great listener, with great patience,
imparting wonderful stories and insight that have me leaving each class feeling empowered,
not just as an artist,but really in life. He has been one of my most favorite teachers
in all my education. More than a mentor, Brice is a great friend.
With so much respect for his big heart and wisdom,
the French Art Studio really is the perfect place to refine your style,
discover creative nuance, align discipline with imagination,
and level up your artistic journey to a whole new level.
Thank you Brice, for all that you do!" - Jeremy

"I've been a student of Brice for a few months now and he is a teacher as well as
a mentor who truly loves his work and is excited to share everything he knows
with any student eager to learn. He is someone who has a lot of experience
in the animation industry and really knows what he's talking about.
If there is something specific you'd like to learn you can let him know and
he will be more than happy to teach you everything he knows.
Another valuable trait is his ability to tailor his lessons based on the student's
needs. I am extremely glad I've been able to learn from someone like Brice and
I will continue to do so."


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