The French Art Studio

"Bonjour! I have been taking French lessons with Brice for several months.
I am at an intermediate level and my goal is to (one day) become
an advanced French speaker. I find Brice to be a great instructor.
He is patient, flexible, and very encouraging - which is what students need,
especially adults. We have worked on correct pronunciation, listening comprehension,
reading, vocabulary/grammar, dictation and conversational skills.
If you have ever considered learning French, I encourage you to contact Brice.
N' hésitez pas!"

"I've been taking a french conversational class with Brice for several months.
He is very personable and fun to work with. It has been excellent practice listening
and speaking at an intermediate level. He has also been helping us with reading,
pronunciation and familiarity with modern spoken french
(with lots of slang and current expressions).
Merci Brice!"

"I've been going to weekly french classes with Brice for about a month now.
He is very friendly and very dedicated to making the class useful.
The learning system is not the traditional language school method following a text book.
The classes are more conversational and focused on using interesting materials
like articles or books as opposed to pure grammar exercises.
I recommend him to anyone wanting to learn French in a more flexible environment!"

"C'est le pied! I found Brice and The French Academy about two months ago,
and the classes are great. He is very dedicated, has a lot of patience,
and creativity to teach this beautiful language.
Also, the price is very affordable compared to other places."

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